Cave Tubing Kalisuci Yogyakarta

If your hobby with nature adventure, Cave Tubing Kalisuci could be your holiday choice in Yogyakarta. Cave Tubing Kalisuci itself is located in Jetis, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul. This location when you access from the city of Yogyakarta berjerak approximately 40 km or about 10 miles from the City Wonosari.

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Cave Tubing itself is a blend of white water rafting (rafting) with fringe caves (caving) which is actually two separate activities. Because of the location of this Kalisuci cave has a huge water currents and rivers located in the cave, then cocoklah activity of wild-free when it becomes a fascinating challenge for adventurous nature lovers.

Kalisuci cave itself is one segment of the breadth Gunungsewu Kars region covers three districts namely Gunung Kidul, Winton and Pacitan. Karts in Gunung Kidul region itself has an area of ​​13,000 km2, which covers 10 districts in the Gunung Kidul region.

vBecause of the uniqueness, in 1993 the International Union of Speleology ago proposed that the Kars area including Cave Kalisuci Gunungsewu entered into one of the world’s natural heritage.
Sensation as he entered the cave Kalisuci will be felt starting from you down to the underground river. Clear water, beautiful nature sounds will bring you the drift of the beauty of nature


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